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We specialize in grief support

Grief work for Providers

This culturally appropriate training is provided to medical providers, nurses, and staff on what to expect when dealing with loss. We provide training on tools and techniques that providers should offer to a client that has experienced a loss. Things to expect and ways to help the person. Contact us as info@heaingourhearts.com for additional information, requests and price quotes.


Grief in the Workplace

Have you had an employee to return to work and not know how to support them in their journey? We offer comprehensive Grief training to your staff providing skills on ways to support employees who return to work after experiencing a loss. Contact us as info@heaingourhearts.com for additional information, requests and price quotes.

Group Grief Support

Join our monthly grief group! This is a monthly safe and culturally appropriate support group for families to join. (kind if stuck here) I want to be able to discuss the losses, tips and tools, healing practices, breathing techniques and really whatever people want to talk about. Please contact us at info@healingourhearts.net for more information. Drop-in service for family’s members. You can register at

Individual Grief Support

Do you find yourself stuck? Not knowing what your next step should be? Healing Our Hearts offers a dynamic individual support. Your specialist will assist you with tools to help you with your journey. Please contact us at info@healingourhearts.net for more information or submit a referral at

Our Experience

Felica Turner-Walton knows the power of presence. She made it her mission to be there for others after going through her own personal tragedy.

The death of her 4-month-old son, Zaire, changed her life forever. “Lots of people don’t know what to say to someone who experiences a major loss,” says Felica. “It’s so important to have support.”

Healing Our Hearts will provide gender and age specific grief baskets filled with resources and support group meetings for grieving families free of charge. The organization will also offer bereavement training to small businesses in the Madison area. The training will help managers identify when employees might be struggling and need help. “We often spend more time at work than at home,” says Felica. “So your coworkers should know how to help you.”

Grieving her son has made Felica realize how important it is to pursue what matters most, even if it means stepping into the unknown. “Go for it, step up and step out,” she says. “The only thing stopping you is putting the next foot forward.”

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