Healing Our Hearts Services

We specialize in grief support

Grief Work for Medical Providers

This culturally appropriate training is provided to medical providers, nurses, and staff on what to expect when dealing with loss. We provide training on tools and techniques that providers should offer to a client that has experienced a loss. Things to expect and ways to help the person. 

Grief in The Workplace

Have you had an employee to return to work and not know how to support them in their journey? We offer comprehensive Grief training to your staff providing skills on ways to support employees who return to work after experiencing a loss. 

Support for Supporters

Do you support a family member or friend after they have experienced a loss? Do you often wonder who will help to support you? We offer Support for Supporters. We work with the supporting person to provide tips and tools on how to be an advocate for themselves and the person they are supporting.

Individual Grief Support

Do you find yourself stuck? Not knowing what your next step should be? Healing Our Hearts offers a dynamic individual support. Your specialist will assist you with tools to help you with your journey. Please complete the Individual Support Form. 

COVID Resources

Healing Our Hearts Foundation has been working tirelessly to support Black families since its inception. Amid the planning and piloting, the world as we knew it changed forever. COVID-19 hit, and the population affected the most was and is Black families. To support families through the pandemic, we shifted our focus to create supports specific to the needs of Black families and those most vulnerable and impacted by COVID-19.

We expanded our support services to include gift cards, additional rental assistance, utility assistance and help with food instability. 

To continue to help support our efforts you can donate at:

Dane County Collaboration for Black Service Providers

When our focus shifted, we were met with opportunities to develop coordinated services and supports through multiple partnerships and collaborations to support families efficiently and effectively. This includes a collaboration of 15 Black-led organizations, known now as Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers (“DCCBSP” or the “Collaboration”), which is composed of small, grassroots to mid-sized community-based organizations that have been mobilizing since early March to meet the needs of those most affected by COVID-19.

The Collaboration was awarded $200,000 from the United Way of Dane County’s COVID-19 Relief Fund and is managed by the lead-applicant, Brandi Grayson, founder and CEO of Urban Triage, Inc., and Karen Reece, Vice President of Nehemiah Community Development Corporation. DCCBSP represents an unprecedented partnership to mobilize coordinated efforts aimed at mitigating and minimizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the current crisis on communities of color.

The funds were divided evenly among each organization to serve individuals and families in their areas of expertise. The Collaboration will connect individuals and families directly to organizations that can best meet their needs as well as coordinate to provide wrap-around services efficiently.

The organizations represented in the Collaboration include: