Mission Statement

Healing Our Hearts Foundation is a community- based grief support organization and education service supporting families who have experienced a loss and other complex conditions. 

Our Mission:

To support the grieving families by offering a safe space for families to discuss their loss, connect, and mend while celebrating the life of their loved one without worry.  Our commitment is to provide a culturally appropriate understanding of grief and loss centered around black and brown bodies.  We strive to increase awareness and understanding of grief and loss while supporting those who seek to mend their hearts. 


To remove the misconception related to loss by creating conversation around the cycle of life and recognize the emotions and feelings associated with bereavement. 

To remove the  stigma and misconception about grief and have a more sympathetic world that recognizes “time doesn’t heal “ and no one “gets over” the loss of a loved one.  To provide a peaceful escape for families to partake in a 3 day weekend self -care retreat with other families  to understand what they are experiencing.