Kairo Imhotep Legend Jones

February is the birth month of Kairo Imhotep Legend Jones, son of our Program Manager TaTiana Monay Clacks. This month, we remember Kairo and reflect on his love, hope, and beauty that have lived on well beyond his six weeks he spent with us.

Kairo’s family wrote a beautiful tribute to him, one that includes messages to Kairo from his parents, big brother, and uncle. Please join us in remembering and celebrating his life.

“On Friday, February 23, 2018, Kairo Imhotep Legend Jones was heaven-sent at 6:53 p.m. He was the first twin to be born, and Beauty Knowledge Tierra Geri Jones was heaven-sent only five minutes later. The twins were born to father Malcolm Bruce Jones and mother TaTiana Monay Clacks. Amazing Kairo was a one-of-a-kind little king. He loved playing with Beauty and Truth (his big brother). Kairo was such a unique, strong, handsome soul that God gave us. Seeing Kairo gave hope for succeeding in anything in life. We love you, son.”

“On Friday, April 20, 2018, Kairo was gone too soon. Even though he was on Earth for six weeks, he had an unforgettable smile that will forever capture our memories and hearts. We love you, our precious angel Kairo. We will forever miss you and never forget the mark you set on the world and touched our souls as you are in God’s arms. Kairo, you have gained your wings. My prince, you are crowned by God as his little angel king.”

“Kairo leaves behind his beautiful mother TaTiana, hardworking father Malcolm, strong twin sister Beauty, and amazing big brother Truth” as well as many grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins who love and miss him.

“Kairo will be greeted in the heavens by his grandfather Malcolm Bruce Crenshaw, big brother Prince Jones, great-grandfather Amos Robertson, and big cousin Kareal Clacks.”

“Dad loves you, Karizzo. Words can’t express how much I love and miss you, son,” Malcolm wrote.

“God, in this tragedy of the loss of our handsome, beloved angel Kairo Imhotep Legend Jones, we still thank You for blessing us in this lifetime to meet such an astonishing, resilient little baby boy. I thank one of your grandmothers, Sheila Clacks, who fought for me as your mom and to be allotted health, as my existence was necessary to see you sent to the heavens, sweet baby boy Kairo. Mommy and Daddy and your brother and twin sister miss you. We love you. Kairo and Beauty—you’re Mom and Dad’s world. Big brother Truth is gonna rock your world. Kairo, we love you. FLY HIGH, KING KAI,” TaTiana wrote.

Kairo’s older brother Truth also had a message for his beloved brother. “Baby bro,” he said, “in life there are hopes and dreams. Kairo, my little brother, you were a hope that made every big brother’s dream come true. I love you so much, forever and ever, and will always love you, Karizzo.” 

Lastly, Kairo’s uncle reflected on his precious time with Kairo. “Unc will always love you, Kairo. I thank God for allowing me to be your uncle. I take pride in our last moments, and that smile will forever be with me. I will hold your name close to my heart, and the memories that you gave me will live on. It’s painful to see you go, Kai. I am forever changed. Lord, we need strength through Kairo for his parents TaTiana and Malcolm. Thank you for sharing your gift of God. Kairo lives—his life was short-lived, but the powerful impact he made on his familia will live on forever. We love and miss you.”