Community Advisory Board

Healing Our Hearts is proud to introduce the Community Advisory Board (CAB)!

The CAB is a group of six community members, each representing different areas in the city of Madison. These community members will actively work with local hospitals and clinics to implement real, effective changes that address racial disparities in health care.

These disparities are pervasive in the healthcare system and other social, economic, and political institutions generally. Though the general health of Americans has improved in the last half-century, troubling and inexcusable trends have persisted. Black communities and other communities of color have a higher mortality rate than white communities; these communities also have more limited access to health care than white communities. These disparities and many more make up the widening gap in quality of care.

The CAB recognizes the severity of these inequalities and is ready to do the work necessary to address them. At Healing Our Hearts, our goal with the CAB is to inspire systemic changes that close the gap in care, starting here in Madison. We will do that by engaging in healthy conversations with our community.

Watch this space each month — we’ll be introducing you to the community members who make up our board.

Source(s): Williams, D R, and T D Rucker. “Understanding and addressing racial disparities in health care.” Health Care Financing Review vol. 21,4 (2000): 75-90.