Healing Our Hearts Foundation

I can’t give you a pretty picture of Grief because I didn’t have one.


Healing Our Hearts Foundation

I can’t give you a pretty picture of Grief because I didn’t have one.


Our Mission

Healing Our Hearts Foundation is a community-based grief support organization and education service supporting families who have experienced a loss and other complex conditions.

Our Services

Grief Support

The Grief Support is a monthly support group held 3rd Thursday of each month from 1-2pm.

Healing in Your Hand (support kits)

these kits include handmade items from small minority owned business around the US. The kits items such as candles, body scrubs, body butters, journals, pens, a grief related book and a gift certificates for body and facial massages. (As resources are available)

Grief Resources

Comprehensive Resources for families who have experienced a loss and would like additional resources and support tools.

Grief and Loss

Grief is tricky, some days you’ll feel just fine while other days you’ll feel like everything around you is falling apart. Here are some symptoms that may apply or may not apply to your life if you are going through a loss or change of any kind from death to moving.

Please Help Us Support Those families 

Please reach out if you or someone you know are experiencing the following:

Inability to stop talking about the loss

Avoiding certain discussions

Feeling or believing that if you express any emotion about the loss, it will take over (you will never be able to stop crying or if you express your anger you will go out of control).

Changes in behavior


Trouble sleeping or eating

Avoiding others (friends, family, work, etc)

Difficulty Concentrating


Anger and Resentments


Feeling as if you’re apart

Suicidal thoughts

OUR STORY: Baby Zaire

March 8th, 2016 as i sat at American Family Children’s Hospital surrounded by family and friends, we eventually had to say goodbye to Zaire.

As I road on the bed with Zaire to the wings of the surgery center for his organ donation surgery. I cried and I begged him to wake up in that moment

Our Gallery

We started our Healing Our Hearts gallery to honor the lives of our children who aren’t Earthbound and to remember them as we move forward


Healing Our Hearts

Grieving Is something families do not have to face on your own.

Please Help Us Support Those families 

Our community

The Facebook Group provides continuous support, a place where moms can connect and have their own space to discuss their journey. We also have a list of resources you can use as support.

Join us ONLINE. 

Every 3rd Sunday of the month we gather for our Monthly Support Meeting. Join our next session. 

Our Partners

We are proud to announce our partners of Healing Our Hearts, to become a partner contact us at info@healingourhearts.net

Know a family that needs support?

contact us!